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Dance of Soma & Psyche I: Foundations of Working with the Body

This two-day module will introduce you to working safely with the body in your psychotherapy practice and offer foundations in somatic approaches to working with clients.

It is relevant for psychotherapists who are new to working with the body and keen to gain skills in this approach, as well as for practitioners who are familiar with some of these methods, and wish to gain new tools. Through learning experientially, you will explore your own mind-body relationship, the ‘dance of soma and psyche’, which will give you the confidence to work with your clients in a more embodied way.

The course covers:

  • Grounding techniques and finding a ‘safe place’ in the body

  • Learning tools for transforming difficult sensations and emotions that clients hold in their bodies, including working with anxiety and physical pain

  • Working with the client’s personal boundaries, and the integrity of the body

  • Working with the ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ through the body

  • Using movement to strengthen the mind-body connection

  • Working with touch to regulate overwhelming feelings and hyperarousal

  • Using creative imagination and elemental visualisations with clients who have difficulty connecting with their bodies

This module may be taken individually, or as a part of a year-long course leading to certification.

To ensure a high standard of training we keep all our groups small (max 16 participants).

“I will hold the memory of the two days as something very precious. It was so valuable to work experientially” MP, Psychotherapist

“Liberating, surprising and releasing. From a personal point of view this came at a good time for me and enabled me to release a lot of emotion in an environment that felt incredibly contained and well held.” HF, Integrative Psychotherapist

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Facilitators: Katarina Gadjanski and Tasha Colbert

Dance of Soma & Psyche II: Healing Trauma and the Animal Body

This two-day module explores somatic approaches to healing trauma, drawing on the body’s natural resources and capacity for self-healing.

Neuro-scientific research shows us that the instinctual parts of the brain that process trauma in humans are the same as in any other mammal. However, animals in the wild seem to be able to easily ‘shake-off’ and recover from the freeze response, rapidly returning to normal functioning, while humans experiencing the same immobility response are often not able to regain homeostasis in the same way.

Traumatic symptoms in humans are caused by a ‘frozen’ residue of energy, that has not been resolved or discharged after a traumatic event. This residue remains trapped in the nervous system, where it causes havoc to our bodies and minds. The key to healing these symptoms lies in being able to mirror the fluid adaptation of animals, as they ‘shake out’ the immobility response, and return to full mobility and functionality.

We will cover:

  • Stabilising and establishing a sense of safety in the body

  • The physiology of fight / flight and freeze

  • Working with fear and anxiety

  • Working safely to release the fight response – anger and aggression

  • Somatic Experiencing techniques for working with trauma

  • Working somatically to re-establish and strengthen boundaries after trauma​​

  • Helping clients out of a dissociative state and back into their bodies

  • Working with the ‘animal’ body, using visualisation and movement

Dance of Soma & Psyche III: Attachment Trauma and the Body

In traumatic attachment –  where the parent is the perpetrator – the child is in the impossible situation of needing to seek proximity for survival while at the same time defending against their care giver. In the therapy room, we see this conflict in our clients bodies and how they relate to us – a yearning for closeness while at the same time closeness feels dangerous. This can cause challenges in the therapeutic relationship. If these challenges can be worked through, the therapeutic relationship can offer the client a reparative experience and the opportunity to heal early attachment trauma.

We will cover:

  • Understanding of attachment trauma

  • The art of non-verbal attunement from moment to moment​

  • The use of therapeutic touch in offering the client reparative experiences

  • Exploring habitual postures and gestures and how they relate to attachment trauma

  • Working with proximity seeking actions to support healing of relational wounds

  • Abandonment trauma

​Module 2 – Healing Trauma  may be taken individually, or as a part of a year-long course leading to certification.

Module 3 – Attachment Trauma could not be taken before first completing module 2.

“I came away with even more awareness of my body and how l have held some experiences and trauma for years within it. You are both amazing, thoughtful, and inspirational teachers! Really warm, wise and sensitive facilitators.”  BK, Integrative Psychotherapist

“I feel very grateful for the whole experience. The role-plays provided greater opportunity for deeper learning. I personally found the movement / embodying emotions very healing.” EM, Transpersonal Counsellor

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Facilitators: Katarina Gadjanski and Tasha Colbert

Dance of Soma & Psyche IV: The Body as a Resource in Psychotherapy

A two-day module that explores how to utilize the body as a resource in psychotherapy. We now know that working with the body is essential in the healing of trauma, yet in today’s society we tend to neglect the innate wisdom of the body, leading us to disconnect from its very source of healing.

This training will enhance the repertoire of somatic interventions that you can apply in your psychotherapeutic work, as well as working with the body creatively.

The course covers:

  • Helping clients to connect to resourceful states through the body

  • Working with voice and movement to get in touch with and give expression to emotions

  • Exploring and strengthening the compassionate part of self through embodiment

  • Learning tools for transforming difficult sensations and emotions that clients hold in their bodies, such as sadness, loss and grief.

  • A transpersonal approach to healing, using visualisation as a way to connect with the body

  • Working somatically with opposite states to utilise the body’s natural healing tendencies

  • Exploring how your own body can be a resource in your practice

This module may be taken individually, or as a part of a year-long course leading to certification.

To ensure a high standard of training we keep all our groups small (max 16 participants).

“All three workshops were beautifully presented, structured well, and facilitated at a perfect pace for learning and experiencing / embodying the practices. I particularly appreciated the flow and ‘layering’ of the activities, punctuated with group discussion”  LF, Practitioner and Researcher

“Thank you both for such a well thought out and ‘put together’ weekend.  I was very touched by the sensitivity and empathy in which the exercises were presented and taught.  For me, these new skills were just what I needed to put into my own ‘toolbox’ for my workshops.  Fabulous!  Huge thank you.”  IZ, Movement Facilitator

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Facilitators: Katarina Gadjanski and Tasha Colbert

This 6-week course teaches therapeutic meditation to counter-balance the stress and anxiety of an overly busy life. The aim of the course is to help you find resources by going within and becoming more grounded in your body and more content in the present moment. 

Katarina had been practicing meditation for over 25 years and for this experiential course she brought together a number of meditation techniques to create a framework that can be used by everyone, even those that have no previous experience of meditation. She has included those forms of meditation that she found most useful in her own life as well as in her clinical work as a psychotherapist, such as mindfulness meditation, breath work, visualisation, sounding, energy alignment in the body and many more. The course will also include some grounding techniques from Embodied Psychotherapy as well as some exercises based on the latest research in neuroscience; which has demonstrated that regular mediation practice can ‘rewire’ the brain by creating new neural pathways.

In this experiential course we will learn how to use meditation to reconnect with our ‘LIGHT WITHIN’ – the true wisdom that each of us possesses.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to experience the therapeutic benefits of meditation, especially those who would like to learn how to transform the effects of stress, anxiety, restlessness and stress related illnesses. It is suitable for beginners, as well as those wishing to refresh their meditation practice or learn different techniques. This course is aimed at those who are keen to learn new ways of looking after their own wellbeing, developing a more compassionate relationship with themselves and finding a new way to respond to challenging situations.

Course Schedule

This course is taught over 6 weeks. Each class is two hours long and it includes guided meditations, group discussions and practical exercises. To be able to accommodate the needs of each individual this course will be held in a very small group (max 8 participants). Please check you are able to attend every session before booking. To gain the maximum benefit from the course, be prepared to undertake a short daily practice between the weekly sessions.

Dates: TBC

Facilitator: Katarina Gadjanski

The purpose of this group/workshop is to create a safe, supportive circle for women to come together and explore  the relationship between mind, body and emotions. It also offers a space to explore the different transitions in a women’s life and all the challenges that this brings to a women’s identity and place in the world. In our individualistic society we have lost a sense of community and belonging that can often lead us to feel isolated.

In indigenous tribes women come together to share their wisdom and healing from generation to generation, which we wish to recreate in this women’s group by bringing shamanic and transpersonal work together with embodied psychotherapy. We will be exploring our relationship to ourselves and others through movement, ritual, creative arts, sounding and meditation.

This weekend workshop can be taken individually or as part of an ongoing group that will run 4 times a year.


 “The Embodied Woman workshop was deeply rich and nourishing with a beautiful balance between indoor and outdoor explorations. I loved the content and shape of the day with each activity flowing seamlessly into the next, all held sensitively by Tasha and Katarina. Sharing, moving and creating ritual together was powerful, with the elements of fire, earth, water and air adding to the potency of the workshop.  Highly recommended.”   MC, participant – July 2020 workshop 

“I felt heard, seen and felt a deep sense of belonging… All through the weekend I felt deeply connected to myself and to the others and this shared experience created a strong connection between us all. I felt safe and held in every moment.” EM, participant – November 2019 workshop

“I would highly recommend this group for any woman who is looking for a space in which they can recharge and release whatever they are holding, in a safe and wonderfully supportive environment, bringing themselves fully into the present without apology. This group is a highlight in my diary, knowing how much it feeds both my body and soul. It’s a precious creation and one worth sharing!” JH,  participant – July 2020 workshop

“I felt a rare sense of connection, warmth and trust amongst strangers. I seemed to have somehow shed some skin, like a growing creature, outliving old constraints. The somatic resonances produced by both inner and outer sound and music were powerful and worked deeply.”  IW, participant – February 2020 workshop

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Facilitators: Katarina Gadjanski and Tasha Colbert

Please wear loose clothing and bring a yoga mat and a shawl/blanket if possible.

The online women’s group is dedicated to community of women that have been coming to Embodied Woman weekend workshops, or our other workshops and groups. The aim of this group is to offer a continued support and safe space for women to come together on a monthly basis, nurture themselves in an embodied way and be a part of a soulful women’s circle.

Tasha and Katarina offer guided visualisations, drawing and dance/movement work to explore the personal and collective themes of the group. There is also space for pair work and sharing in the larger ‘circle’.

We take a maximum of 10 woman so that there is space for each woman to share and be deeply listened to.

“Over a number of months of working together the familiarity of the group has deepened the trust and connection between the members, building an emotionally safe and supportive space. The relationships created are ones of genuine caring and kindness toward one another. As a women only group, I have found it particularly beneficial in providing the support and personal nourishment I need in to order to feel fully seen and heard without judgment. This is something I cherish” – JH, participant

“I found the meditation combined with chanting and movement a visceral way of both expelling and grounding my emotions.  It felt quite cathartic and liberating.” – MG, participant

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Facilitator:  Katarina Gadjanski and Tasha Colbert


Using body-oriented psychotherapy, Four Elements DMTM, mindfulness of body, creative arts therapy, transpersonal psychotherapy and creative imagination, we will explore the innate wisdom of our ‘animal’ bodies in order to re-connect with the body’s natural resources and self-healing tendencies.

In this therapeutic experiential workshop we will:

  • Explore the relationship between our mind, emotions and instinctual body.
  • Connect with our ‘animal’ body and start to discover the body’s natural healing potential.
  • Work towards developing more companionate relationship with our body.

The aim of this workshop is to reacquaint ourselves with our body and experience it as it is – without preconceived ideas, judgements or interpretations. We will thus work towards a more harmonious balance between Psyche and Soma (mind & body) through gentle release of feelings & sensations that our body is holding – and so begin to re-discover the body as a sacred temple of the soul.

Dates: TBC

Facilitator: Katarina Gadjanski