Four Elements DMTM – Embodied Psychotherapy Group

Four Elements DMTM – Embodied Psychotherapy Group 2022-03-08T15:43:38+00:00

Wednesdays: 27th April – 1st June 2022 6.45pm – 8.45pm

Autumn 2021 group theme: Retiring the Inner Critic – Transforming Negative Self-Beliefs
Spring 2022 group theme: Embodying Self-Nurture – Developing Compassion & Self-Love
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 Four Elements DMTM is an embodied psychotherapy group aimed at those who wish to work in an embodied way – exploring the body-mind-emotions connection. We work within the context of a small therapeutic group.

The psychotherapeutic approach that we use combines:

  • integrative embodied psychotherapy

  • experiential exercises based on neuroscience

  • mindfulness meditation and creative visualisation

  • sounding and creative arts therapy

  • dance and movement therapy

  • the four elements transpersonal psychotherapy model​

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  • Explore how our mind/thoughts and beliefs affect how we feel and how we hold these feelings in the body

  • Start to ‘re-wire’ the nervous system and create new neuro-patways (changing old and dysfunctional habits and behaviours and encouraging new and more healthy ones)

  • Get in touch with and begin to release emotional material stored in the body

  • Find a new way of processing and working with difficult sensations held in the body ~ such as stress, anxiety, anger and grief

  • Start to develop embodied sense of resilience

  • Provide a safe space for self-care and self-nurture

  • Encourage us to develop a more loving and compassionate relationship with ourselves

Sample schedule:

6.40pm – arrival

6.45pm – tuning in meditation / inner landscape and weather

7pm – group check in

7.20pm – mindful movement – body parts

7.35pm – experiential Embodied Psychotherapy practice

(working with the group theme, in a group, individually and in pairs)

8.30pm – processing and debrief

8.45pm – ending

Please note that due to Covid-19 all 2021/22 groups will be online

For 10 week group:

£295 (in person)

£275 online

For 6 week group:

£210 (in person)

£180 online

Advance booking essential, limited to 10 places per group

Katarina Gadjanski BSc (Hons) LCCH Dip. Psych UKCP, the founder of Four Elements DMTM, is a fully accredited member of of UK Council for Psychotherapy. Her practice integrates Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy and Dance & Movement Therapy. In addition to her private practice Katarina facilitates many psychotherapeutic and personal development workshops and groups, as well as dance & movement and meditation workshops and retreats. Katarina is also a co-founder of the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy: www.embodiedpsychotherapy.org.uk

Katarina also has background in music and dance and often use creativity, music, movement, art and guided visualisations in her work with clients. This kind of approach offers clients a greater platform to explore themselves in a new connected way (body, mind, emotion & soul/spirit) and to evolve from processing just verbally and conceptually, to a more holistic self-awareness.