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Katarina Gadjanski BSc (Hons) LCCH Dip. Psych UKCP

Katarina’s psychotherapy practice integrates Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy. She is a fully accredited member of UKCP and the co-founder of the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy – where she offers mentoring, supervision and training in Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy.

Katarina moved from former Yugoslavia to the UK in 1994 where she studied ‘Health Sciences & Homeopathy’ at the University of Westminster. In 2001 she attained the Licence to Practice from London College of Classical Homeopathy (LCCH).

In 2007 Katarina trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy at CCPE (Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education) in London and in 2011 she completed post-diploma psychotherapy training in Integrative Psychosynthesis at Re-Vision, Centre for Soulful Psychotherapy. She also trained in Group Facilitation, first at Re-Vision and later at the Gestalt Centre in London.

Katarina facilitates several psychotherapy groups, personal development and meditation workshops and is the founder of Four Elements DMTM (Dance & Movement Therapeutic Method). 

Katarina has a special interest in body-orientated psychotherapy and in work around the somatic expression of emotional issues and trauma. She has completed extensive research in the area of neuroscience in relation to trauma work as well as Somatic Experiencing and other somatic approaches to trauma healing.

Katarina has a soulful perspective in her therapeutic work and enjoys working with people who are interested in inner-transformation, spiritual guidance and personal development. She also likes working with clients who want to explore or reconnect with their creativity or find new ways of self-expression. Katarina uses body-awareness, movement, music, creative arts, visualisation and meditation in therapeutic work with her clients.

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