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1st session (assessment): £60

Further sessions – standard fee: £70

(All sessions are 1 hour long)

Too make it affordable for everyone – fees for therapy could be negotiated according to your income bracket:

  • Those earning less than £20K (including full time students and retired) – the fee is £55 per session
  • Those earning between £20K to £46K – the fee is £70 per session
  • Those earning more than £46K – the fee is £85 per session

Skype sessions

I offer sessions via Skype when clients are not able to make their regular session in person (due to illness, travel or work commitments)I sometimes work abroad, running workshops and groups,  so during these short periods of absence I offer my clients sessions via Skype instead of their regular weekly session.  

Cancellation policy

If you would like to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please do so at least 48 hours prior to your session – otherwise the full fee will be payable. I will waiver this fee only in case of exceptional circumstances (e.g. medical emergency).

*Payment method: cash, cheques and bank transfers only


6 Week Group: £175

12 Week Group: £320


1 hour sessions: £70

1 hour 30 min sessions: £90


Adult 1st Consultation (1 hour 30 min) £85
Adult Follow-up Consultation (1 hour) £65

Child 1st Consultation (1 hour) £65
Child Follow-up (up to 45 min) £50

Homeopathic prescriptions are included in the consultation fee.

Enquiries and appointments

Phone: 020 8747 1512, Email: katarina@four-elements-dmtm.com

or click the Contact button below